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Light can make or break health, social and cognitive functioning. Given the rapid technological developments in light sources (LED, OLED) and the proliferation of intelligent infrastructures (IOT, data science), we are in a crucial period for the realization of truly human-centered lighting. LIGHTCAP aims to address this challenge by providing a strong, innovative and necessary impulse to our insight in the intricate and complex relationship between light, perception, attention and cognition. The goal of LIGHTCAP is to prepare the next generation of experts able to deliver on the promise of truly intelligent, human-centric lighting.

Recent News


Patent Workshop by Jerome Maes (Signify)

Today is the first session from the Patent Workshop provided by Jerome Maes from Signify.

SLTBR 2023 Lausanne


SLTBR 2023 + Lightcap

Lightcap is present on the SLTBR 2023 conference and have earned their place in the schedule. Many consortium members will be there live. In addition to the conference, workshops are planned on Intellectual Property and potential protections against misuse.

Group photo Lightcap Liege


Lightcap Consortium Meeting in Liege

The Lightcap consortium has gathered in Liege. The goal of these days was om sharing information. We were welcomed by our host Dr. Gilles Vandewalle on the premises from the University of Liege and we were treated on a very nice presentation by Athena Demertzi, who gave the keynote talk for us. During the meeting […]

Upcoming Events

Nov 30


SLIM Seminar 30 November 2022 @ 11.00-12.00 – Siemens Healthcare (Thomas Janssens, PhD)

Click this link to follow This is a great opportunity to learn more about the company, and ask questions directly. Looking forward to seeing you all online. SLIM meetings are organized at each last Friday of the month, from 11.00-12.00 CET.Contact us if you want to be invited for this and / or future SLIM meetings.

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