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First results expected in March 2023


SEASON SCHOOL 2 – (8-10 March 2021)

Techniques Module
MRI basics and neuroimaging _Thomas Janssens_Siemens Healthcare
Neuroimaging of human sleep-wake regulation-Gilles Vandewalle_ULiège
Catching light responses in the mouse SCN – Dr Orlowska-Feuer, U.Manchester
Measuring Sleep & Circadian Rhythms in Humans – Christine Blume, U.Basel

Practical Research Module
Field studies_pitfalls & merits do’s and don’ts_Yvonne de Kort_TUEindhoven
Light loggers & light estimation_Juliette van Duijnhoven_TUEindhoven
Light measurements in the lab & documentation_Martine Knoop_TUBerlin
fMRI of the circadian system and of the NIF impacts of light_Gilles Vandewalle_Uliege

Application Module
Sleep vigilance issues in sleep medicine and current approaches to treatment_Sebastiaan Overeem_Kempenhaeghe
Light therapy application to sleep and mood disorders_Dr. Julien Fanielle_CHU Liege
Light therapy from design to commercialisation of a portable device_Eric Delloye_Lucimed
Daylight vs artificial light_Dynamics & spectrum and Distribution & intensity_Oliver Stefani_Ubasel

SEASON SCHOOL 3 – April 2022 – TU/e
CaseStudy – Arup
CaseStudy – LightingEurope – Human Centric Policies
CaseStudy – Signify
CaseStudy – Velux – ESR presentation

ESR01 – Qiang Huang
ESR02 – Ashwathi Prithviraj
ESR03 – Fermin Balda
ESR04 – Roya Sharifpour
ESR05 – Mahsa Fazlali
ESR06 – Rafael Lazar
ESR08 – Vaida Verhoef
ESR09 – Richard Jedon
ESR10 – Aysheh Alshdaifat
ESR11 – Nima Hafezoarast Moadab
ESR12 – Nikodem Derengowski
ESR13 – Steffen Hartmeyer
ESR14 – Megan Danell
ESR15 – Myrta Gkaintatzi Masouti


SEASON SCHOOL 4 – September 2022 – Lumenet – Sheffield
MOOCS content and Structure

SEASON SCHOOL 5 – February 2023 – Liege
Fellow presentions
Keynote by Athena Demertzi
SUpervisory Board MEeting
MOOC session, alignment, quizzes
Liege Lab Tour with 7T MRI visit

SEASON SCHOOL 6 – SLTBR 2023 – Lausanne
Workshop on IP by Jerome Maes (Signify)


A monthly Seminar on Light and Methods is held by the LIGHTCAP consortium. This is a presentation by an expert, from within or outside the consortium, on a subject relevant to the project. The main intended audience consists of the LIGHTCAP fellows but the presentations and discussions are open to interested students from associated institutes. Below are links to the video recordings of these sessions; they are password protected. Please mail the LIGHTCAP project management to get access.

Open Scholarship by Manuel Spitschan (University of Basel / Oxford)
How to measure vigilance and attention in lab and field settings by Prof. Yvonne de Kort (Eindhoven University of Technology)
Lighting metrology for Visual and Non-Visual Aspects at Workplaces and at Home by dr. Luc Schlangen (Eindhoven University of Technology)
Light distribution, visual comfort and glare by dr. Martine Knoop, Technical University of Berlin
Clocks and hourglasses in human sleep research: protocols and measures by Christian Cajochen (University of Basel)
The Quantification of Psychological Attributes by Antal Haans (Eindhoven University of Technology)
Bayesian statistics, Daniel Lakens, TU/e
Development of a novel self-report instrument to capture light exposure-related behaviours, Rafael Lazar & Mushfiqul Anwar Siraji, Basel/ Monash University of Malaysia
Objective EEG correlates of alertness: Basic aspects of EEG Achermann
Experience Sampling Methodology, Karin Smolders, TU/e

Company Presentations

29-04-2022 Zumtobel presentation Peter DeHoff

27-05-2022 Arup presentation – Florence Lam + Arup video “Nigth-time Vulnerability Assessment” + recording of meeting

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