Dr. Karin CHJ Smolders

Mentor at Eindhoven University of Technology

Karin is an Assistant Professor in the Human Technology Interaction group (IE&IS, TU/e), and has a background in psychology, lighting research and chronobiology. In her research, she studies the impact of light and time on human psychological functioning at the intersection of these intertwined disciplines. She is particularly interested in how the ambient environment can influence a person’s alertness, vitality, cognition, sleep, self-control, and burnout-related complaints. In addition to laboratory studies, she applies ecological momentary assessment, self-tracking tools and advanced statistical analyses for the long-term investigation and (mathematical) modeling of (preventive) health effects of light exposure, through circadian and acute pathways. In her recent studies, Karin explored novel ways to monitor, quantify and model light – and its effects – in the field, and she specifically investigates mathematical optimization for lighting schedules to facilitate a healthy sleep-wake regime. 

Project involvement

I am involved in the LightCAP project as co-promotor of Elif Gecer (ESR7) and Vaida Verhoef(ESR8).


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