Dr. Mariëlle Aarts

Supervisor at Eindhoven University of Technology

Since 2002 Mariëlle is an assistant professor light and lighting at the Building Lighting group, Department of the Built Environment (TU/e). She educates both bachelor and master students on light and lighting. In research she aims to define light strategies for a sustainable future with a focus on the user within the building context. She developed an expertise in (day)light, human responses to light, and research methodologies for validation studies under field conditions. Her current focus is on Healthy Environments hospitals and offices with an additional interest in schools, and living situations of elderly people. Her special interest in the LIGHTCAP project is to translate the insights gained in this project into guidelines and methods for an integrative lighting design. She is a member of the supervision team of Myrta Gkaintatzi  Masouti, ESR 15.

Project involvement

I am member of the supervision team of Myrta Gkaintatzi  Masouti, ESR 15.



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