Dr. Martine Knoop

Supervisor at TU Berlin (Technical University of Berlin)

Country of residence

Since 2012, I have been a lecturer at the Chair of Lighting Technology, Technische Universität Berlin, Germany. In this role, I am responsible for research and teaching on the topics indoor lighting, daylighting and colorimetry. My own research focuses on the unique characteristics of daylight. With this, in combination my team’s research topics, we aim to promote and improve lighting design and to develop new adaptive lighting solutions to enhance the well-being and performance of people indoors, especially for the “daylight deprived”, such as residents of dense urban areas, elderly people with dementia and hospital patients.

To this end, various measurements of daylight are carried out at the TU Berlin’s daylight measurement station, including spatially resolved measurements of the spectral power distribution of skylight with a spectral sky scanner. In our studies on non-image-forming effects, the influence of the spectral composition as well as the directional characteristics of the light is investigated, also focusing on the spatially and spectrally resolved characterisation of the lighting conditions. 

The LightCAP project offers us an opportunity to gain insight in the board range from fundamentals of human responses up to the application of lighting to address these responses, while focusing on a smaller section of this broader picture. 

Role in the project

Within the LightCAP project, we will investigate the impact of light directionality, considering spectral characteristics of the light, on perception and performance aspects, such as room appearance, visual comfort, cognition and attention.


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