Dr. Oliver Stefani

Mentor at University of Basel

Country of residence

Oliver Stefani is a micro-engineering graduate who began his career working with optical fiber technology and polarization. At the State Academy of Fine Arts in Stuttgart, he approached light from the artistic side. While working at Fraunhofer IAO, he was twice awarded the Innovation Prize for Technology Management in the field of light. He did his doctorate on the effectiveness of daylight on humans at the TU Dresden. Oliver Stefani dedicates himself to innovative lighting concepts tailored for people. As a postdoctoral researcher, he researches the visual and non-visual effects of light on sleep, circadian rhythmicity, cognitive performance, well-being and pupil size at the Center for Chronobiology in Basel. He is also the founder of the company CHRONOLIGHT and his clients include the Swiss Federal Railways and Skyguide air traffic controllers. 

Project involvement

Mentor for Fatemeh Fazlali and Rafael Lazar


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