Elifnaz Geçer (ESR 07)

PhD student at Eindhoven University of Technology

Country of residence
The Netherlands
Country of origin
Prof. Yvonne de Kort
Starting date
September 2, 2020

Hello, my name is Elif. I studied Industrial Engineering in my Bachelor along with Psychology in Bilkent University, Turkey. My undergraduate education was focused on mathematical modelling and optimization and in the meanwhile I also had the opportunity to do internships in the field of Computational Vision which allowed me to use my skills from engineering in the interdisciplinary field of neuroscience. The state-of-art techniques in the field had greatly impressed me and I decided to continue to my education with pursuing a Master in Neuroscience in the University of Geneva. Following two years in Switzerland, I worked on the electrophysiological experiments on sleep along with other neuroimaging studies on various topics. My thesis was about a potential marker of consciousness across different vigilance states. After graduating with a high honors from my master,  I joined Human Technology Interaction Lab of TU/e as a PhD student in the Lighting Group of Yvonne de Kort.  I firmly believe that joining this strong team as well as the international LIGHTCAP network will offer great opportunities for experimenting and learning more about the effects of light on human cognition and attention and thus in the end help us to understand how brain works to a deeper extent.

Quantification of the non-image-forming effects of light

In this project, we aim to quantify the non-image-forming effects of light such as human alertness and cognition with altering different variables such as temporal and spectral composition of the light.  One of our main aims is to be able to objectively quantify these effects with using established EEG markers and methods in neuroscience.  As a novel approach I am hoping to use brain connectivity measures as an objective method to investigate these effects and help connecting the research in light domain and the neuroscience.


  • LIGHTCAP kick-off meeting, November 2020 (online)
  • LumeNet, November 2020 (online)
  • LuxEurope (2022, Planned)
  • LumeNet (2022, Planned)
  • SLTBR (2022, Planned)
  • Experiencing Light (2024, Planned)

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