Myrta Gkaintatzi-Masouti (ESR15)

PhD student at Eindhoven University of Technology

Country of residence
The Netherlands
Country of origin
Dr. Mariëlle Aarts
Dr. Juliette van Duijnhoven

During my Master degree in Civil and Architectural Engineering at Aarhus University of Denmark, I specialized on Indoor Climate and Energy. I studied how different indoor climate parameters, such as daylighting, electric lighting, thermal comfort and air quality, affect occupants’ satisfaction, health and performance and I learned how to design buildings focusing on users. After my studies, I worked as a sustainability engineer at an architectural company, where my job was to support the early stage design with performance data from simulations. At the same time, I worked as a research assistant at the lighting design group of Aarhus University, which made me passionate about research. This led me to LIGHTCAP, where I hope to contribute to new findings in the field of lighting and learn more about its effects on people’s health and well-being.

Implementing the effects of light on humans in the lighting design process

This project aims to translate the knowledge on how light impacts visual performance, health, behavior and well-being into lighting design recommendations. The goal is to investigate how lighting conditions can be evaluated considering both image-forming (IF) and non-image-forming (NIF) effects of light.

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