Nikodem Derengowski (ESR 12)

PhD student at TU Berlin (Technical University of Berlin)

Country of residence
Country of origin
Dr. Martine Knoop
Kai Broszio
Starting date
January 1, 2022

My experience lies mostly in lighting technology and simulations of built environment, with a focus on photorealistic lighting. My interests have always been in architecture and building technology, which have evolved into fascination with light – and how much effect it has on the perception of environment, psychology, and  performance in different tasks.

I come from an architectural and design background, with educational training as a Constructing Architect (Ba.) and Lighting Designer (MSc.). After completing the Master studies, I worked two years as a Research Assistant at BUILD department of Aalborg University in Copenhagen, with projects revolving around psychometric assessment of light, digital simulations of built environment, and lighting technology. Personal milestone during my time at BUILD was a participation in an international research project IEA Task 61.

Beside academics, my relevant professional experience includes collaborations with French, Danish, and Polish companies, on projects within lighting design (urban lighting in Uganda, airport lighting in France), architecture (small residential projects in Poland and Kenya), and construction site management (residential in England, interior design in a Danish hotel).

Directionality of light for NIF effects, IF effects and visual comfort

This project consists of studying and analyzing how the direction of light can affect: the visual forming effects, taking into account the role of cones and rods, and the non-visual forming effects, where ipRGC play an important role. All of this taking into account the visual comfort. In order to achieve this, we will take into account spectral and spatial resolved lighting characteristics and how the eye photoreceptors are distributed in the retina and its density.


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