Nima Hafezparast Moadab (ESR 11)

PhD student at University of Sheffield

Country of residence
United Kingdom
Country of origin
Prof. Steve Fotios
Starting date
January 1, 2021

I was awarded my bachelor’s degree in civil and environmental engineering at Isfahan university by 2016. I then studied for a master’s degree in sustainable building information management at Jonkoping University by 2019. My master’s thesis concentrated on optimized light environments through smart systems in residential buildings. After graduation I continued as a research assistance at Jonkoping University with Prof Myriam Aries continuing the work on smart lighting systems and their application for residential buildings.

My PhD topic is lighting for driving and hazard detection. The project will investigate the influence of lighting characteristics such as light level and light spectrum on the visibility and conspicuity of hazards, and how this is affected by the driver’s alertness.

As one of the 15 researchers in the LIGHTCAP team, I am devoting my Ph.D. research to become an expert able to deliver on the promise of truly intelligent, human centric lighting.

Lighting for driving and hazard detection

Exposure to light affects hormone concentration, brain activity patterns, core body temperature, pupil size, feelings of sleepiness, alertness, and even task performance. This study aims to consider the manipulation of non-image-forming- system and carefully evaluate its potentials for the driver’s alertness and performance.

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