Steffen Hartmeyer (ESR13)

PhD student at EPFL (Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne)

Country of residence
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Prof. Marilyne Andersen

My academic background is in Cognitive Science (B.Sc., Osnabrueck University) and Human-Technology Interaction (M.Sc., Eindhoven Technical University, TUe). Throughout both of my studies I focussed on human interaction with the built environment, whether in terms of navigation, space appraisal, or lighting. Being part of the HTI group at TUe, my interest was sparked in integrative lighting and motivated me to conduct my Master thesis in this field, investigating the effectiveness of light glasses to reduce sleepiness and improve sleep in nightshift-working nurses. Given the complexity of the research in this field and its strongly interdisciplinary nature, I was thrilled to hear about LIGHTCAPas an approach to bring together and train researchers from diverse backgrounds in order to advance our knowledge on the complex relationship of light and human physiology and behaviour. 

Light Exposure Patterns in the Built Environment

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