PhD position on Dose-response relationships of evening light on human CAP, circadian physiology and sleep (ESR 5).

3 year PhD position at the Centre for Chronobiology of the University of Basel

This project investigates the role of different photoreceptors (cones, rods, and ipRGCs) in the human retina and their role in driving non-visual responses during evening light exposure. The project will use novel spectrally tunable lighting sources to target different photoreceptors, with a view to characterize the contribution of the photoreceptors as a function of absolute light level on human CAP. Research will be conducted at the Centre for Chronobiology in Basel under the supervision of Dr. Manuel Spitschan, Dr. Oliver Stefani, and Prof. Christian Cajochen.

We have planned secondments with Prof. Rob Lucas at the Centre for Biological Timing, University of Manchester.