PhD position on directionality of light for visual comfort and NIF effects (ESR 12)

3-year full-time PhD position at the Technical University of Berlin, Germany

We will investigate the influence of light directionality, considering different spectral characteristics, on visual comfort and NIF effects. In this project, user studies will be conducted in a fully LED backlit test room, which allows a high variety of luminance distributions for walls and ceiling with different spectral power distributions. In order to link the human responses to the lighting conditions, a measurement device for describing the light received at the eye in terms of directionality and spectral composition will be further developed.

The research will be conducted under the supervision of Dr. Martine Knoop and Prof. Stephan Völker at the Chair of Lighting Technology at the Technische Universität Berlin. Secondments are planned with the research group Human Technology Interaction of the TU Eindhoven and Zumtobel.